Lucy's Law

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πŸ’— Helping to stop puppy farming - for the love of animals πŸ’—

Lucy's Law book coverWe absolutely love animals here. So when we heard the news about Lucy's Law coming into force in April 2020, we were over the moon to say the least.

If you too are an animal lover, you may like to read little Lucy's amazing life story below.....and of course, her mum & rescuer, Lisa Garner, who gave Lucy her best life, all the while raising awareness of the awful conditions of puppy farms.

Lucy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was born into a Welsh puppy farm in 2008. She was repeatedly bred to produce litters of cute puppies, who were taken from her shortly after birth to be sold online and transported many miles across the UK. Life on a puppy farm is grim and the dogs aren't vaccinated, loved or cared for.
Rescued in 2013, Lucy's life turned around when she was chosen for adoption and rehabilitated by Lisa.

Along side Lisa and of course, everyone who was involved in writing & publishing Lucy's Law; working tirelessly to raise awareness, is the wonderful C.A.R.I.A.D. Community Interest Company (CIC - Not for Profit CIC Registered No: 11402691)

The word cariad means β€˜beloved’ in Welsh, which is what we believe all dogs should be. As an acronym it also stands for Care And Respect Includes All Dogs.

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