Custom hand painted Frog memorial urn - melOn Design
Custom hand painted Frog memorial urn - melOn Design

Hand painted Frog memorial urn

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▫ Hand painted urn.


▫ Losing our loved ones is the most difficult episode we have to endure in our lives. We are here to create a beautiful resting place just for you.


▫ All our hand made items are Original pieces of Art that you can treasure forever. Each item is made in date order.


▫ Depending how many orders we have in progress, they take approximately 4-8 weeks to make and ship. (this is subject to change due to the amount of orders we receive each day)…….occasionally our hand made items will be turned off, to allow us to work on existing orders.


▫ Our pet portraits are one of our most popular items and each one takes approximately 2 days make......On average, we paint 2 portraits per week.


▫ Please do not be discouraged by the waiting time, you can check our FIVE STAR customer reviews to see what other people are saying; you will not be disappointed.


▫ We will send you regular updates on your order's progress.


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