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melOn Design, the home of Pet Art & Pet Memorials.

Welcome to melOn Design.....a small family run business based in the UK.
We absolutely love all animals (and Art); they are the things that makes us smile, and we sincerely hope our unique, animal loving designs bring a smile to your face too.

🐶 Why pet memorials?

💔 Unfortunately, our Springer Spaniel, Buzz, (pictured above) developed a tumour in his throat at the age of 7 years young, and 6 months after his diagnosis, sadly, he crossed over The Rainbow Bridge 🌈

After he passed away, we received his ashes in a printed cardboard box from the vet and were absolutely devastated (to say the least). So, we made him his own special memorial box with our favorite photo of him, and it was at this very moment that we decided that nobody else should go through the same upset that we did.

So we decided to offer our one of a kind hand painted pet portrait memorial urns for other heart broken pet owners, to give their furry family members that extra special final resting place they deserve.

🐶 More about Buzz here: https://www.melon-design.co.uk/pages/buzzs-story

Along with our hand made items which we have spent many years 'hand painting', we wanted to offer products that are still unique to melOn Design, that can be produced a little faster, made in the same high quality that our customers have come to expect.

After carrying out lots of research and product tests, we decided to use our U.S. based print lab, that uses the most up-to-date technology and printing techniques, so our printed items stand the test of time.

Each of our printed items is designed especially for devoted pet owners and are made to order, 'just for you', using the same love and care that is put into our hand painted items, so you can still expect high quality.


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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, we are happy to help.

Thank you for visiting today,
Mel 💗

Meet the family....and Mel's inspiration!

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In the past, Mel hand painted all of our products, however, due to time restraints, we now offer lots of other pet related items which make perfect gifts for pet owners.

After many months of research and carrying out many different quality tests, Mel has found (in her humble opinion of course), the best quality print lab based in the U.S.

Thank you for visiting today and feel free to follow melOn Design on our social media channels where you will see regular updates.


With love, Mel - signature