Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is melOn Design located?
We are based in the UK.


Can I add a name / date / message to my handmade item?
Yes of course, no problem at all. When you click through to your shopping cart, simply type it in the 'Add a note to your custom order' section .....this is added for you at no extra cost.


Do you hand paint all of your handmade items?
Yes, everything is hand painted, so you will receive a unique, one of a kind piece of original Art, to treasure for many, many years to come.


How long do your pet portraits take to paint?
Our urns take an absolute minimum of 12 hours, (2 days on average). We need to take our time, adding as much detail that your reference photo allows; so we can capture the personality and character of your beloved pet.
"The eyes are the window to the soul!"


Before we can start painting your portrait, we prepare all our urns, which begin their lives as clear glass. We paint them in the colour you choose from the listing, then they are baked to fix; once cooled, more coats of paint are applied, to create a nice smooth, solid background.... 'Our blank canvas'.


What if my pet's photo is blurry / poor quality?
If you only have a poor quality photo (i.e. blurry), in most cases, we can still paint from it, however, the detail won't be quite as clear. Please send us your clearest photo(s), so we can see as much detail as possible, (especially eye colour & fur colour).
We paint the face & neck, which blends into the bottom of the urn,
(This can include a collar / bandana etc.).

How long do your printed items take to make?
After months of research, we now use a professional print lab based in the US. Each item is printed to a very high standard, especially for you (we do not hold any stock).
** Please allow approx. 2 - 4 weeks for your order to arrive **
(More product details and shipping information can be found in each product description).


Why does my order have a longer waiting time?
This waiting time includes production, finishing and the packing of each item, which all depends on how many orders are already in the queue 'before' we receive yours.
(This applies to both printed AND handmade items; each order is processed in date order, so it is fair to every customer).
I live outside the US, do you deliver to my country?
We currently deliver to the UK, USA, Canada.
(However, this may change in the future, so if you are living outside these locations and would like to place an order, please feel free to get in touch via email:


How long will my order take?
Anywhere outside the US and UK please allow approx. 7-10 days for your order to be delivered.
(Orders within the US normally arrive in approximately 3-5 days).

PLEASE NOTE:- (Due to current circumstances around the world, your order may be delayed and we apologise for any inconvenience caused).


Can you add a personal note to the 'giftee' in my package?
PRINTED ITEMS: Unfortunately, we are NOT able to include messages, gift cards, birthday wishes, or notes for similar occasions in the packages, as all items are shipped directly from the manufacturing facilities and they do not offer such services due to the volume of orders processed and lack of capacity to accommodate personal requests.

Yes, no problem.


If I order a few different items, will they arrive together?
PRINTED ITEMS: Most of our products are made in different facilities, so this means your items may arrive separately, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Do you have a mailing list for offers etc?
Yes of course, feel free to sign up to our V.I.P list at the bottom of our website.
We add most of our updates on our social pages, (Instagram, Tiktok Pinterest).
All links are at the bottom of our website.


How many people work at melOn Design?
One person only...Mel, who is the owner, Artist, Packer, Admin & more...
Mel is currently looking into the 'cloning' process, so she will have lots of 'mini-melOns' to help her out...but until then, she will continue to work hard just for you.
Hey, who knows, her work might be worth something when she's gone :O)
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